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    9-Slice Scaling

    StanWelks Level 1

      I am hoping someone can help me understand the concept of 9-slice scaling in CS5 I have read some tutorials and am still confused. I open a button from the common library, enter symbol edit mode, drag the slice guides so that the vertical ones are only covering the portion of the button that has the text on it and the horizontal guides are directly above and below the button.


      1. Does this mean that when I go to the canvas and use the scale tool, that everything else will distort except the portion contained inside the center portion of the guides?


      2. Does this work with vector and bitmaps?



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          The "safe" areas in 9-slice scaling are the areas in the outer four quadrants. Those areas will not be scaled/stretched at all.


          The areas in the outer middle of the grid will scale in a specific direction. For example, the outer middle sections on the left and right side of the grid will scale vertically, but not horizontally. I'm attaching a diagram which I hope is helpful. Note that the grid lines do not need to be balanced/even as is hopefully evidnet in the diagram.


          9-slice can work on both bitmap and vector, but is more often used on vector objects. And example where it might be used on a bitmap object is to scale  a screen grab of a dialog box.



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