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    Understanding Coordinate Spaces


      I am a bit lost on how the various coordinate spaces in flex interact.  I have an two objects, the second object is to the right and down from the first object.  I want to create a move event that moves the first object right above the second, essentially centered over it.   Based on what I read, I figured it would be pretty simple - and here is the method I came up with:


      var Object1Point:Point = new Point(Object1.x,Object1.y);

      var Object1Global:Point = Object1.localToGlobal(Object1Point);


      var Object2Global:Point = Object2.localToGlobal(new Point(Object2.x,Object2.y));

      var Object2CenterGlobal:Point = new Point(Object2Global.x + (Object2.width/2),Object2Global.y + (Object2.height/2));




      var move:Move = new Move();

      move.target = selectedRam;


      move.xBy=Math.abs(Object2Global.x - Object1Global.x);




      This puts the object much further over to the right than it should be - so clearly I am not understanding how these spaces interact.  Any suggestions on how to relate these two spaces would be appreciated.