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    How to get Adobe Flash 10 to work on IE8 on Windows Vista?


      I've tried downloading the newest Adobe Flash Player 10 on IE8

      on my Windows Vista and it's not working.  It downloads but when I go back to hulu.com it says I still have to download the latest version. I've tried unistalling and installing it (several times)... I've made sure that Shockwave is enabled under Internet settings... I've also tried unistalling IE8 and reinstalling without the updates... and still nothing.  I even tried installing Flash 10 on IE7, still nothing worked.

          I have Windows Vista 32 bit and not terribly computer savvy.  Hulu works fine when I use Firefox, but it's not working on IE8. I need it to work on IE8 in order to stream video from hulu on our Wii through PlayOn TV.  Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks!