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    Managing bookmark levels


      Is there a way in Reader to set the default "level" of bookmarks that will open?


      For example, from AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specs (the level is indicated in "()"):


      5. Concrete Structures (level 1)

      5.4 Material Properties (level 2)

      5.4.2 Normal Weight (level 3) Creep and Shrinkage (level 4) General (level 5)


      If it is possible, I would like to set the default "level" in the Bookmark option of the navigational panel to always open in a specific level everytime the document opens (i.e. always open with all of the "level 2" bookmarks open).  The Edit>Preferences>Documents> "Restore last view setting when reopening documents" does not work.


      Thanks in advance,