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    Contibute Basics - new user

      Looking at purchasing Contribute CS3 so my clients can update their own site, as this seems to be the requirement these days.

      I currently design in Go Live CS2, and i cannot locate any information to tell me if it is compatible with Contribute CS3. I also have Dreamweaver MX, and again cannot locate any information if its going to work teogether or if i have to upgrade to CS3. I am hoping that its going to work with Go Live as the Co-author option with Go Live is way to confusing at the moment and is melting my brain, and from what i have read contribute looks simple with just creating editable regions inside the page, and the client can just go in via ftp and update - let me know if i am not understanding this properly.

      Also, on a scale of 1 - 10 have would you rate this product in terms of "ease of use" for the client, and are their any technical issues that the client might face when they are trying to connect and upload changes.