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    Print multiple pages aligned to left of paper




      I'd like to print 3 pages of a PDF file (A4 landscape/horizontal) on one sheet of paper. I want the three pages to be aligned vertically and scaled to fit my paper (A4 vertical). So far, so easy.


      What I cannot do is: align the column of vertically aligned pages to one side of the sheet. Whatever I do, it remains centered.


      On my previous computer (Mac with OS 10.4) I simply defined a custom sheet of paper with a width equivalent to the width of the column and printed this on my A4 sheet. It was then aligned to the left. On my new computer (Mac with OS 10.6) this seems not to work anymore. With the same settings, the printer now tells me it need letter format paper - which I don't have, cannot buy in the shops around here (Germany) and don't want to use.


      So, is there a way to get Adobe Reader to align multiple small or scaled pages to one side of the sheet, instead of centering them?


      Thank you :-)