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    Remote install of Air Runtime and Air APP on Linux without keyboard

    tjay99 Level 1

      Hi All,


      We are running Air Runtime 1.5 on a custom Linux OS (based around Debian) which is being used on our Digital Signage computer control boxes. Recently we needed to update the Air App that is being used to display our signage content on a box that was on the other side of the country. The final step of the update required the boxes 'root" password to be entered by someone at the box, not ideal, not practical and not something we want to do with thousands of boxes, but all updated fine.


      My question is, how we can do the whole install/unistall/update process of both the Air Runtime (if we so choose) and the Air App on boxes located anyhwhere in the world from our head office in Melbourne without needing someone at the other end with a keyboard entering critical passwords and so forth? I have researched the "Silent Install" but I am stll not sure if that covers both Air Runtime and Air Apps or whether that is in fact the right approach?


      I look forward to hearing all your replies, so I can move on confidently with Adobe Air.