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    Obfuscation Tools ~ Protection against Decompilers

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      I want to suggest Adobe provide a really good set of tools for Protection Against Decompilers.

      I realize it's a loaded quesion/topic of which there are various opinions.

      To provide Tools for Obfuscation od SWFs I tink would be great.

      Maybe there's a way to build a special loader that is further secure and possible be able to disable logging of files that are loaded, and encryting them on the client side cache etc.

      What are the best practices and free solutions availible today?

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          There are after-market products that do what you ask.


          Microsoft .Net has a similar issue - and Microsoft charges $ for it :-(

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            as4more Level 1

            I know there's other "after market" solutions. They are relatively cheap, so charging for it seems unessecary from an Adobe perspective I would think. It seems something that potentially sides on the responsibility of Adobe to be included in my opinion. So I'm putting it out there and on here for that reason.


            The issues are in observing or simply asking for all dynamicaly loaded content and either generating an "do not" obsfucate lists or matching up the scrambling of cross reference stuff.


            I started one a work in progress myself but I found a serializer desierializer library say half a year ago to work with and it seemed to fail to putting out the same bytes from one to the next. I believe it was in the doubles list, which was pretty early on and a pretty low level problem I'd planned to get back to communicating my issue to them.