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    hidden file paths

    shawntrident Level 1

      First, I am a couple of versions behind in RH.  I have a requisition in to upgrade to 9, but I'm asking for help with this issue in case the problem migrates to the new version.


      What's happening is that I have configured the publish path in Single Source Layout for Webhelp to go to a certain file for a certain version of my project, 9.1.x in this case.  However, when I generate and publish my RH file, the published output goes to the folder for a previous version, 9.0.x.  The publish path to the 9.1.x folder is configured right and selected and everything, so I wonder if there is some hidden file path pointing to 9.0.x that is not visible but is rerouting my output.  Does anyone know what might be going on here?  This does not seem to be happening with any other version, and I am working with three versions of the project in three separate RH files.