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    Thoughts and feedback (general points)


      Hi All,


      Please do not flame me if the points I make here are 'common sense'.  I beta test a number of other apps and have used Audition and Cool Edit before that.


      I am NOT and advanced user, I do basic trimming, noise reduction and cutting/splicing of audio, NOT very technical!!


      As a 'novice' user of about 10 years, Im used to certain ways that Audition works in Windows and was wondering if the point I am about to raise as expected functionality.


      When opening a file (wav or MP3) the waveform is shown on screen.  Hit space bar and the file plays, all is good in the world.


      Move to a section on the file, say the middle (2m 11 seconds for example) and hit the space bar, the file plays (all good).

      Now when the file is playing and you hit the space bar again and this PAUSES playback.  If you hit space again, the file continues.



      Out of the box on a windows install, the second time you hit space, the playback will re-start from (2m 11 seconds).  On the mac version this does not happen.


      Can anyone else confirm this or is this expected functionality?