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    How do I 'skin' menu items?


      Hello and thanks in advance for helping.


      My menu items are coming out a reddish/orange color and all my attempts to change the color are failing.

      Otherwise, the menu system is working nicely.


      Any help on skinning the menu and menu items is greatly appreciated - I've torn through all the docs and blogs I can find.


      From the code ...


      <mx:MenuBar id="mBar"
                      horizontalCenter="-220" top="22"
                     backgroundSkin="mx.skins.halo.MenuBarBackgroundSkin"  << this appears to change the MenuBar

                      itemDownSkin="mx.skins.halo.ActivatorSkin"  << these do not appear to be changing the menu items
                      itemOverSkin="mx.skins.halo.ActivatorSkin"  << does not appear to get rid of the red
                     itemUpSkin="mx.skins.halo.ActivatorSkin"<< same here...