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    imported topics still show build tags after deleting them

    Laura Sala
      Hi there,
      I am creating a new project, which i will be merging with an existing project (the "master" project). To create the new project, i'm importing topics from another writer. Those topics have erroneous build tags associated with them. i need to get rid of those build tags because they are the same build tags as in the master project, and that won't work for us. Those build tags are not in the Conditional Build Tags folder (because i didn't add them). So I went into True Code to delete the build tags. When I looked in True Code, the tags were duplicated…i.e. the tag “T6jobaids” appears several times in the metatag. The other build tags show up multiple times as well. So I deleted all those duplicates out of there. But when I’m in the Project Mgr, and I hover on a topic, I still see all the tags that I deleted in True Code, including the duplicate instances of those tags! I don’t know where else to delete them…is there another place where the application is seeing these tags?

      Thanks very much for your help...I have had so many problems since installing RH6 and this forum has been a lifesaver.