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    layout problem with spark groups

    Charan Raj Adobe Employee



      i am having some layout problem with the spark groups. i am placing the group ( and its contents ) using their x and y values and not getting expected behavior.


      the mail mxml file looks the following  -



      /* MXML excerpts start */



          <s:BasicLayout />




      <s:Group  d:userLabel="Main" width="100%" height="100%">


          <s:Group  id="myGrp1" >






          <s:Group id="myGrp2"  >


                    <s:Group id="set1_id"  >

                          <s:button  id="set1_firstbtn"/>

                          <s:BitmapImage />


                          <s:Button id="set1_lastBtn" />




                < s:Group id="set2_id"  >

                          <s:button  id= "set2_firstbtn"/>

                          <s:BitmapImage />


                          <s:Button />








      in the appinit_applicationCompleteHandler (called when applicationComplete is triggered)

      i have place the group and its elements based on the given width height  say ( i am given width of 600 and height of 800 )


      i am doing the following


      function LayoutUI(width , height)






            set2_id.setLayoutBoundsPosition(set1_lastbtn.x,set1_lastbtn.y); //the second group (set2) should start after last element of set1





      //NOTE  - i have some of the elements of set1 group overlapped - meaning some elements might share the same x , y values. the elemtents have same width and height




      /* MXML excerpts ends */


      the problem is the set2_firstbtn is not laid out after set1_lastbtn - it is actually getting laid out after some offset. ( the set2 seems to be starting at aheight  = height of all elements of set1_id  )  (remember i have some of elements of set1 overlapping)


      could you please let me know what might be the problem here ?