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    Auto Link to topics


      I have a project to create an EPUB. There are a lot of keyword that need to be linked to the topic.

      The good thing is the keyword would be having a same name as the topic's name.


      So is it possible to have an automation process to link these keywords to the relevant topic? As the keyword and the topic would be having the same name, I think there will be a high chance to do this?


      The reason that we can do this manually is there is alot of topics as well as the keywords to be linked.



      Thanks in Advanced...

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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2

          This is very much doable through RoboHelp scripting.

          A RoboHelp script can perform the automated task of traversing each topic in the project, reading the topic title and inserting the topic title as a keyword in the corresponding topic.

          A sample script to achieve the same can be downloaded from this link. This script will append the topic title to the list of keywords and will not remove the existing keywords.

          This script is not tested. You can test the script on a RoboHelp sample project first. And if it meets your requirements, you may finally use it for your live project.