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    Calculate accurate datagrid height with variableRowHeight and without any empty row


      hi ,

      how can i calculate accurate datagrid height with variableRowHeight="true" and without getting any empty row.


      Currently i am calculating datagrid height on updateComplete event of datagrid as follows:


      public function onUpdateComplete() : void



      datagrid.height= datagrid.measureHeightOfItems(0, this.datagrid.dataprovider.length)+this.datagrid.headerHeight;




      with following datagrid properties:



      dataProvider="{dataArrayCollection}" width="100%" rowCount="{dataArrayCollection.length}"

      id="datagrid" updateComplete="onUpdateComplete()" paddingLeft="0" paddingRight="0" paddingTop="0" paddingBottom="0"

      fontSize="12" wordWrap="true" variableRowHeight="true" verticalScrollPolicy="off" >



      With this approach the issue is, i am getting scrollbar on datagrid's container. I want scrollbar for datagrid instead of its container so that i can have only rows to be scrollable and not the header. Also, if i set verticalScrollPolicy of datagrid as "auto", i get empty rows.


      So,is there any way to have datagrid with following properties:

      • variable row height

      • no empty rows

      • word wrap for headers as well as for rows

      • Scrollbar for grid i.e. header should remain fix ,only rows should be scrollable

      • no horizontal scrollbar