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    Flex 2 Wordpress Blog RSS

      I find it EXTREMLY hard to belive, that wordpress doesn't support the use of Flex2 RSS.

      The only reason I find this, is because whenever I try to call data from my wordpress blog it won't work.

      Get the RSS From - http://grahamtt.wordpress.com/feed/
      Parse it into a simple Flex Blog Reader/RSS reader app(All this is completly done)

      Whenever I try to run my app on my computer it works, but on my server IT DOESNT.

      Heres is my COMPLETE code:
      Link - http://pastebin.ca/586156

      The reason I use - http://atom2rss.semiologic.com/?atom=http%3A%2F%2Fgrahamtt.wordpress.com%2Ffeed%2F
      instead of - http://grahamtt.wordpress.com/feed/

      Is because Flex 2 doesn't read Atom (as far as I know). And that's the same thing, I just used the converter here:

      Can somebody PLEASE explain to me how to set up a Proxy properly? And get my code working?
      It's crucial for my job that I find out how to read data from wordpress blogs in a Flex App.

      HELP ME PLEASE!!!!