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    cs5 with BEST quality exported AVCHD files.

    gearo Level 1

      Hi all I have been very happy with my premiere pro cs3 with mainconcept HD plug in that provides, after edit, “smart rendering” for my mpeg2 m2t files from my source Sony hc3 camcorder.


      Time moves on and I’m now thinking about benefits regards picture quality (interested in comments here) in moving to a new camcorder and premiere pro update to cs5. (I will again, purchase the mainconcept codec suite that I understand provides additional options)


      I am looking at the VG10E sony that appears to provide dslr still benefits together with AVCHD recording at 24mbs. My thought is that theory suggests the video  quality from the vg10 camera should be significantly better than the hc3 m2t given similar capture bitrate but a more efficient compression structure. Having said this (comments please?),


      I also would wish not to part from the AVCHD input file of the sony  regards output from premiere pro cs5 so as to keep quality losses minimal. I have a ps3 and understand it will read AVCHD as well as my existing m2t files from my hc3.


      So, to date, I would appreciate comments regards my logic and intention above together with the following……

      Can adobe cs5 with the mainconcept codec suite plug in provide a “smart render” for AVCHD files that are imported from a sony VG10E and exported to the same format? (the site says AVC-Intra only with upcoming AVCHD smart render coming?

      There appears many type of AVCHD files and I would dearly like to hear someone with cs5 and mainconcept who uses the  sony AVCHD source file to assist with comment and this potential combination. (even without mainconcept , using the cs5 export templates)


      My purpose and needs are  to get a relatively quick and very high quality rendered AVCHD file to watch my home movies on large tv via the playstation, that hopefully would be better quality than my existing set up. I have trialed  sample AVCHD files from the net, with the trial cs5 and results are horrible. I am pretty sure the source files are varied in that I cannot see how to ensure the  original source format and detail required to be the same as the output file. Instruction on settings here would be most appreciated.

      Thanks. gearo