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    Dragging from List to Tree

      I have an app that needs a List with items that can be dragged out of it, and dropped into a hierarchy on a Tree. Is this something doable in AS 2.0? (I know it isn't in 3.0 since Adobe removed the Tree object from Flash CS3-- I spent a whole day redoing our app in AS3 until I got to the form with the Tree object in it, and hit that brick wall. Grrrrrr!)

      Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I'm pretty sure its doable - although I've not done it.

          For the tree as the drop target I'd start by checking out the DragNDrop Tree extension from Alessandro Crugnola :
          to see if I could get it working with that. I've used it for the first time recently - and its great - but I've never tried using it for dragging to and from other components.

          Is the list component populated with an array of XMLNodes as its dataProvider? That would make things even easier perhaps.

          And I haven't started to do things in as3 yet - I would have if the Tree component was available. I wish it was otherwise because I'm eager to do so.
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            DMurr Level 1
            Yeah, I had already downloaded his DnD tree, but I don't think it works between components. Now he does have a "Draggable Controller" as well, that seems to probably do exactly what I need, but the zip file is missing when you try to download it. I'm googling about right now to see if someone has it archived anywhere, and will email Alessandro as well.

            Update: Here it is-> http://www.sephiroth.it/file_detail.php?id=146

            Thanks for the quick reply!
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Oh - I see what you mean...just read that... that looks really versatile... wish I'd known about it around 6 months back.