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    We have build a nice Flex BI front end and want to open-source it would this be useful to the group?


      Hello, I am the CEO of DataRoket (www.dataroket.com) and we are a data integration and analytics platform.  As part of our effort, we have built a really nice data visualization and reporting package.


      Since this is not our core business and we want to give back to the community and also see it continue to evolve, we are going to open source the Data Visualization module of data roket.


      You can look at the application by going to www.dataroket.com.  If we did this, we would like to get some people to work on this and use it freely for your clients etc.


      I want to know two things please:

      1. is this interesting and would it be useful to the community

      2. Are there people that would like to continue to push this capability and shepard the open source effort with us?


      Thanks in advance for your feedback


      James Fox