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    TOC in IE vs FireFox

      Does anyone understand how the WebHelp TOC might behave differently in IE vs. FireFox?

      I used RoboHelp HTML 6 to build a WebHelp (no skin) DHTM no applet system for a J2EE Web Application that will replace a static HTML based system. However, it looks like the application for security reasons doesn’t let you directly call pages. Another words, I can’t get to http://hostname/myapps/help/index.htm

      I have to go through a servlet for every HREF and some SRCs http://hostname/myapps/help?helppage=myapps/help/index.htm

      So I used ANT to create some scripts based on the log file that RoboHelp spits out. These convert HREFs and SRC so they are called through the servlet. I had to make a few other edits and prevent it from converting links in a few place. I’ve been able to actually get the thing to work in IE. The TOC and Search function and everything seems happy. (I’m not using an Index or Glossary)

      However, the TOC pane will not load in FireFox so I have no idea if the search works either. I’m getting a 404 for the left Nav pane in FireFox.

      Is this called differently in FireFox and IE?

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          HKabaker Level 2

          Welcome to the forum.

          WebHelp output has customized code for non-IE browsers, but nothing for Firefox specifically. This especially affects the way the frames load and how they behave.

          When it builds the content/index/search frame, it calls some specific .htm files. Probably, those calls don't go through your servlet. In some circumstamces, IE in Windows does some searching when it can't find a file and remembers where it is. Maybe IE is picking up up files that don't through the servlet, and Firefox is not.

          One more thought. Have you tried generating the project with a skin? We've had at least one case resolved like this, because RH gives the browser a different set of code when there's a skin.