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    Dumping from memory


      In trying to reduce memory bloat, the application.DumpFromMemoryMark and application.DumpBetweenMemoryMarks methods look promising. But I can't find any way of getting the current memory mark.


      If I use something like this:


              Dim mk As Integer = NS.PerformanceMetric(InDesign.idPerformanceMetricOptions.idCurrentMemoryMark)

      ... then the result is always zero.
      The only other way I can reduce what gets put into the 'undo' queue is by using the 'DoScript' with appropriate parameters, however this is problematic iin that it means for the most part I'm having to create and run a script programatically - hardly efficient and very time-consuming to program!
      Does anyone know how these methods are supposed to work?
      Mike Wedge