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    Can a PDF prevent itself from being cached locally?


      Hi folks -


      I work for an non-profit organization that provides retirement/medical benefits. There are a number of PDF fillable forms that we would like to provide access to via our portal, forms that may require our users to enter sensitive information such as Social Security Number, etc. This isn't really a pressing concern for our users on their home computers, but we are concerned about caching of this kind of data on a borrowed machine or a public machine.


      I know that Reader local caching can be avoided via deselection of the "Use Page Cache" setting. However, we'd like to take this concern out of the equation from the start and avoid having the users themselves being required to stop the local caching. Is there any way to create a PDF that will not be eligible for local caching? Does anyone have any suggestions other than that for how we can avoid this situation?


      Thanks in advance!