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    Track matte problem

    daveking87 Level 1

      Can anybody shed any light on this problem?


      I have an illustration which I want to animate the position of, while masking it with a static mask. I've animated the position of the illustration & created a new layer directly above it, drawn the shape of the mask using the shape tool on the new layer & then set the illustration layer to track matte ALPHA. The visibility of the matte layer then disappears as it should & when I scrub along the timeline it appears as it should... The illustration moves behind a static mask. However, when I ram preview or play the clip the matte is non existent & I can see all of the illustration all of the time.


      I'm using After Effects CS5 with layers imported from Illustrator CS5. I'm at my wits end here and there appears to be no news of a bug/update/anyone else with the same problem. Any ideas?




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          daveking87 Level 1

          After a long time fiddling I've just realised what is causing the problem (typically 5mins after giving in & posting the question on here).... The illustration layer has a layer style>drop shadow applied to it. When this is deleted the track matte works.


          Is there no way to apply a layer style to a layer which is being masked by a track matte?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Do you use OpenGL? Anything with continuous rasterization? Other Alpha-centric effects that may override things? Have you tried to pre-compose the AI file? Do you use multiprocessing? Indeed this sounds strange, but without seeing the AI file and the AE project this may not be possible to unriddle. If you use any acceleration features liek MP and OpenGL then turn them off. Also, when saving the AI file try to save back to an older AI version (CS3 or CS4). i seem to vaguely recall issues with CS5 files under certain conditions...



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Ah, i see. Yes, layer styles do change rendering order. If it's just a drop shadow, you can always use the equivalent effect. Since effects process in a different order from layer styles, that would work. Otehr than that, as I wrote, pre-compose your AI file.



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