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    Acrobat Reader will not open scanned files


      Since upgrading to Adobe Reader X, I have been unable to view any documents scanned with my Lexmark printer/scanner.


      Until now, I have scanned documents to a PDF in the following manner:

      -  I Press Scan mode on Printer/Scanner

      -  Printer/Scanner downloads Application List

      -  I choose "Scan to Acrobat Reader" and press Start to begin

      -  Printer/Scanner screen says "Scanning to Acrobat Reader" as document scans & "Scanning Completed" when it finishes

      -  Message box displays on Computer screen that says "adding image"

      -  ABBYY FineReader 6 Plus progression meter is displayed on Computer screen until document is 100% processed.

      -  PDF file of the scanned document opens on Computer screen by Acrobat Reader


      Since upgrading to Adobe Reader X, everything works the same except the final step.  I am unable to view the PDF, and therefore I am unable to save the document.  Does anyone know of any settings in Adobe Reader X that I need to adjust so that Adobe could work the same as the earlier version and create a PDF of a scanned document?


      Thanks in advance,





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          toastedhal Level 1

          I never did get a response to my original post, but I would like to share with others what I did to finally fix the problem.


          The problem I described in my original post was with a Lexmark x4580 printer.


          I removed Adobe X from my PC and downloaded previous versions of Adobe reader until I found one that worked.  It turned out that Adobe Reader 7 worked.  I was able to scan a document from my Lexmark x4580 printer and Adobe 7 opened the document on my PC in a PDF.


          I hope this info helps out anyone having a similar problem.


          Take care and God bless,