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    Flash Player - Disable Hardware Acceleration - Apple TV-Mac OS 10.4.7/Firefox


      Hello all,


      I have been going down a fun path getting my 1st Generation Apple TV (160 GB HD) to run Hulu natively (without PlayOn restreaming).  After fun times getting Firefox and Flash Player working, I blasted through setting up Hulu Widget to keep the video size small (Apple TV in 480p defaults to an 800x600 res).   Things look pretty good. I maxed out buffering/cache for all Hulu related sites within Global settings, this produced nice improvements.  I found a GreaseMonkey script that forces the Flash Player to always render Low Quality video.  This helps immensely at stopping stuttering with little trade off in quality.  My last piece to try to tweak video playback (aside from monkeying around with the OS X kernel) is the disable Hardware Acceleration.


      BUT, I am having a major problem with mouse support or something.  Everytime I bring up the Display settings via a Right Click, I cannot uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration".  Surprisingly clicking it 500 times still does not make it uncheck.


      I have searched high and low but have not found a clearcut way to disable it via script or other non-interactive means.


      I wonder if there might be a javascript that could be plugged into GreaseMonkey to accomplish the end goal.   This blog and Adobe document refer to the wmode parameter and how to use it to disable HA.






      I am thinking perhaps I can take the Low Quality JS (http://userscripts.org/scripts/review/38994) and replace "quality" with "wmode".  Am I on track?    It  seems "opaque" might be the right one.  http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/127/tn_12701.html


      There is a case related to my question:  https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-5748


      Any tips, clues, pointers, commiserations?