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    multiple ADE ids - how to merge


      hi, I bought a sony PRS300 ebook reader last year and registered my ADE id to my company email address and my company laptop. I had countless problems with the reader and had to send it in for repair. I then downloaded Reader Library onto my home pc but never  did transfer any books between reader and library.


      Recently, I decided to get back to using my reader but since I no longer work for the company I was with, (the forgot password wouldnt work as I wouldnt be able to retrieve the password)  therefore I created a new adobe id using my hotmail account and attched this ADE id to the Reader Library with the reader connected


      Then I bought an ebook - which I downloaded and can read on Reader Library but cannot transfer it as i get an error message: This ebook cannot be transfered because The Reader is authorised to another user( ie the old ADE id). When I try to look at my old ebook purchases, I get the message "this cmputer is not authorised to preview this page.


      after a few trial and errors with the password, I managed to access my old adobe id but am now not being given the option to re-register my reader to the old id - it just keeps saying that its regiestered to a different reader.


      1)Can I access my NEW adobe id, and change the email address to my Old id?  would the e-reader then accept the newly purchased book as it is now registered under the id it is registered to? Or would adobe reader not allow it as the id already exists?


      2)In that case can I merge the 2 adobe ids into one?


      3)can I just make my reader accept the new id instead? I dont care about the books that currently registered under the old id - read em all.


      thanks - sumi - ps I am a European user.