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    Simple Authentication with SMP 10.1 and FMS 3.5

    Aaron Pompei

      Good day all,


      I am looking to add simple authentication to the SMP player for use with FMS 3.5. I recently came across a technical paper published by Adobe titled, "Video content protection measures enabled by Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5". Within this document are three examples of user authentication with code samples. I am starting with the "simple" client verification using a unique token authentication key method first.


      I've noticed that SMP doesn't have any FMS security mechanisms built-in at least that I've been able to identify in the documentation or feature specs. Did I miss something? I am looking for assistance in getting started with adding this feature to SMP. So my question is where could I add the client side Actionscript within the SMP structure?


      I'd very much like to hear about others' experiences with adding security mechanisms to SMP used with FMS.


      Thank you.