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    Slow data communication (LCDS 3.1) after upgrading to Flex SDK 4.1

    Andrei Kouzmenkov Level 1

      I wonder if anybody experienced something like that.


      It's quite a big project, currently running with Flex SDK 3.5.

      After converting to SDK 4.1 and making all required adjustment the UI runs as good as before, with one problem - creation of new complex UI components takes much longer (3-5 times). Creation of some components involves a number of server calls, which according to Network Monitor do run much longer (e.g. 13 seconds instead of 4).


      I'm considering 2 possibilities:

      1. Something in UI is holding all threads, preventing service calls from finishing promptly, and making impression of slow network.

      2. Server communication somehow got much slower. Against that the fact is because server calls are asynchronous they shouldn't prevent UI from drawing at least empty components.


      Server code is the same for old and new UI, it runs Spring, Hibernate, Jetty (in dev mock) or Tomcat (on dev server), LCDS 3.1.

      I've tried several LCDS 3.1 libraries with and without patches, SDK3 and SDK4 specific, with the same result.

      Flash Player 10.1.xx debug.


      Any idea?


      Thanks, Andrei.