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    Best Monitor for Under $500

    Brannigan's Law

      I'm looking to pick up a new monitor for the office and I was given a budget of $500 to work with. Obviously, this excludes the best models available, but 
      I should still be able to find something decent. Any help is appreciated.

      Here are my requirements.
      1. Cost must be under $500
      2. Good color accuracy. I'm a graphic designer, so this is very important.
      3. 22" or bigger.
      4. 1920 x 1080 or better
      5. Wide viewing angle.
      6. Good contrast ratio
      7. Good overall sharpness. I do not want grainy whites.

      8. Glossy or matte screen is fine.

      More details
      1. Well lit office environment (fluorescent lighting).
      2. LED or LCD. Either option is fine. Looking for the best overall quality regardless of technology.
      3. Gaming performance / response time is not important. This will only be used for design work.

      Models under consideration
      1. HP 2310m

      2. Samsung SyncMaster F2380M (It seems to no longer available)

      3. HP 2311x

      4. HP ZR24W

      5. Dell UltraSharp U2410 (poor quality control)



      Are there any other good models that I am leaving out?