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    Adobe Reader with Crystal Reports XI: "lost" 'ti' concatenated characters


      When I print from Crystal Reports XI to a PDF file I lose the "ti" (like 'vaca  on' for vacation; or 'expecta  on' for expectation; etc.) from ANY word that has the 'ti' in it..  However if I print the *.xps and then print to an *.pdf things are fine (no losed of characters).  I'm on a 64bit chip.

      Any ideas of where to look for this solution?

      Crystal Reports XI

      Adobe Reader 9.4.1

      64 bit processors (dual core)

      4GB RAM

      Windows Vista Business Ultimate

      [Note: I've tested this on WIndows XP Professionsl SP3 and Windows Vista Professional SP2 and I get the same results. However, if I print to *.xps and then print the PDF things look fine.]

      Any guidance/ideas of what to do; why; how to solve?