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    Data transfer to/from remote computer

      We have a web server from which some xml files are dynamically generated. We want these files to be sent to a remote computer (that has a static IP address) and retrieve the processed output-files back from this computer. What's the best & safest way we can accomplish this?
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          It really depends on your situation.

          The easiest options require the receiving server to get the data from the XML files (by an http request via CFHTTP, for example).

          You could also create web service and have the receiving server call that web service to get the XML data.

          If that isn't an option but you have FTP access to that server, you could have ColdFusion FTP the data over at regular intervals.

          That is what I can think of off the top of my head. Others may have other ideas as well.
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            arte Level 1
            SteveBryant, thanks for the reply. The receiving remote computer is not a web server. All I have is a static IP address for this computer. If I can have our ISP people (where we have our web server) open a port for this remote IP, would I be able to map it and write/read the xml files directly on the remote computer?