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    Help with localization of a unicode .properties file


      Hi everyone, this is my first time posting anything.  I've googled like crazy but can't find an answer but if this is a repeat just forward me on along to the right spot!


      I'm using Flex Builder 3 for this project.


      We have several .properties files set up that we're converting to Russian.  I have the file set as UTF-8 encoding.  I use the mxmlc command to convert this to a SWF just like we do for our other languages.


      %flex_location%\mxmlc -locale=ru_RU -source-path=%viewMap_resource_sourcePath%\locale\{locale} -include-

      resource-bundles=collections,containers,controls,core,effects,skins,styles,ViewMapBundleSt ringResources

      -output %onefourtwo_loc%\core\framework\NxFramework\bin-



      In the code, I call something along the lines of:


      toolBar.title = ResourceManager.getInstance().getString(

      'ViewMapBundleStringResources', 'VIEW_SELECT_TOOLBAR_TITLE');


      this works for every other language, but none of our other languages are Unicode.  In this case, I get null back as the title.


      Any idea what could be going on here?  It seems like something is lost in the conversion from the properties file to a swf.  Like maybe I need to set the encoding somewhere else?  I've run the copylocale command so I have a russian folder in my flex folders, I'm generating the russian swf file and it has a decent size to it, comparable to the English version, just a little bigger.  I have Russian set as my locale, and my browser is displaying russian for sites like Google.  I'm running firefox although we support IE as well.


      Any advice would be helpful, we've been banging our heads on this one for a while!