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    Pie Graph Tool

    Nina Storm Level 1

      It would be very nice if I could use this Pie Graph Tool or similar in CS5:


      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?searchfield=pie&search_exchange=19&search_ category=-1&search_license=&search_rating=&search_platform=0&search_pubdate=&num=25&startn um=1&event=search&sticky=true&sort=0&rnav_dummy_tmpfield=&Submit=


      Unfortunately it gives an error:

      JavaScript Error Number 24
      Error String: myTriangle.rotate is not a funtion


      Line 242
      Source: myTriangle.rotate(myRotate, myProxy, false, true, true);


      It is a rather old script so I gave up mailing to the person who created it in 2005.

      Is it perhaps easy to fix using another expression for

      myTriangle.rotate(myRotate, myProxy, false, true, true);



      Nina Storm