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    Remove dropshadow filter from pie chart?

    mike_morales Level 2

      Hey all,


      I would like to remove the default dropshadow filter from the default mx pie chart. I tried to set the pie chart's filters property to an empty array.  I also tried to set the 'series filters' prop to an empty array, but have no luck?? I tried searching through the documentation, but didn't find much info on this. Anyone know how to do this? Here's what i've tried.


      with AS,

      myPieChart.filters = new Array();

      myPieChart.seriesFilters = new Array();


      and, inline

      1)  <mx:PieChart filters="[]" ...>

      2) <mx:seriesFilters><fx:Array /></mx:seriesFilters>


      BTW, using Flash Builder 4