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    Building a rotationg Flash


      Ok, I've looked around and I got ideas but I prefer to verify I'm on the right path.


      I've taken 32 pictures of an item, on a rotating plate.  Then, I removed the background and kept the file in PSD.  I imported to library in Flash then created the "picture animation" that shows the item rotating.  I want to add button to control the rotation and I wish to add some SPAY area on some of the pictures so, when a user is looking at the item, rotates it at will, some areas will highlight and will provide the user with links to more information.


      Should I use Firework to set the areas ?  then establish their relation in Flash ?  Or should I add links and compositions directly in Flash and build everything from there ?


      I think I could do it both ways, but I wish to save time.  Which is the best option ?


      Thank you!