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    Any way to control the order in which data is exported?


      I found it surprisingly easy to set up a form to submit its contents via a formmail script -- perhaps too easy...


      Using Acrobat 9 (and the demo version of Acrobat X), I've modified a form that students fill out so that when they hit the submit button it pushes the form contents to a script which relays it to an e-mail address specified on the form -- no problems there.


      But the order in which those fields are listed in the e-mail bears no relation to the order the fields appear in the form -- or alphabetical order of the field names or data values or the tab order. It's the same order every time. And as far as I can tell the mailing script isn't doing anything to change the order of the data.


      This is mostly an issue of making the e-mail friendly for the supervisor who has to look at the e-mails as they come in. (I've done a number of searches on Google and here in the forums before posting and haven't found any references to similar problems, so maybe I do have a funky script.)


      I'm wondering if a) there's something native to the form that could change the order of the data and b) there's some straightforward way of controlling that. (I imagine I could write some JavaScript to control the output I had to, but it seems like a needless step.)


      Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.