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    some problem in list

    farhanakhan Level 1




      i have differnt lists...so i m doing matching the content of the list from other list
      if match (a) is found in the list A then i have the position then try to find number into other list ---b1,b2,b3--- on the base of the position which i got from the previous list A but ....
      list b1,b2,b3 is selct on the base of the random number

      check out the code ..i also indicate the error position

      object expected
      put "b" & rnd[posi]

      plz reply me i have to done my code today ......
      i will be very thankful to all of the member of the fourm.


      repeat with i=1 to SID.length
      SID_Array = chars(string(SID),i,i)
      end repeat
      repeat with i=1 to SID_Array.count
      repeat with x=1 to a.count
      if SID_Array
      =a[x] then
      put "b" & rnd[posi]------------some error is coming in this code
      end if
      end repeat
      end repeat