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    Moving instances around slugish?

    Butch2oc Level 1

      Moving clips around on a timeline is slow or sluggish when I have my timeline expanded to fill a monitor, when my timeline is reduced as in an adobe window preset the movement of clips is as expected, very responsive.

      When I grab a clip on the timeline it turns to a ghosted clip (looks exactly as a normal clip but ghosted but still has clip name etc when moving around).


      Our other suite has exactly the same software and almost identical hardware and when clips are grabbed on this machine with a large timeline the clips actually turn to a grey only ghost (with no clip details etc) and moving around is very fast and responsive.


      Suite 1 with the issue:

      MacPro 4.1 - MAC OSX 10.6.6 - GTX285 card - 16gigs DDR3 ECC ram


      Suite 2 without the issue:

      MacPro 3.1 - MAC OSX 10.6.6 - GTX285 card - 22gigs DDR2 - FB-DIMM ram


      As mentioned both suites have identical software (all latest versions) and have been rebuilt from the ground up together on the same day.


      We have gone through our settings in premiere together and all prefs etc are the same. We have identical timelines when testing.

      Does anyone know of any setting anywhere else that may be causing this issue?