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    Previous and Next

      I am looking for a good tutorial (book or video) that tells how to do a previous and next button. The next will play a MC, and the previous needs to play it backwards.

      Thanks for any help.

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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          make a shape.
          Right Click -> Convert to symbol, select "button", type in the name "Joe_Milan_is_awesome"
          Click your shape.
          In the properties bar, type "prevButton"

          Now click off the button, and go to your ActionScript panel


          prevButton.onRelease = function() {
          trace("This is a test button");

          now, preview in text mode and click the button. Your output panel should pop-up with "This is a test button".

          And you're halfway there :)
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            Level 1
            Thanks for your reply, but I must say that I am totally confused. I understand very little actionscript.

            I should have given more detail. I am trying to set up prev. and next buttons that will load , say 5 swfs in a particular seq. as the user clicks on either prev. or next. And, if someone jumps in from the menu to say the 3rd one, flash still knows that the second one is prev. and the 4th one is next.

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              DazFaz Level 1
              still a little thin smillerd. What are you trying to create? I know you are trying to create prev an next buttons but prev and next . what do you want to happen when either prev or next is pressed. Do you want the next swf in the sequence of 5 to play when next is pressed and visa versa when the prev button is pressed?
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                crazyjoemilan Level 2
                My post will show you how to create buttons, and start assigning actionscript to them. I suggest you bust open flash and play a little bit. Once you get that button built, we can start talking about how to assign actions to it (via actionscript)

                And don't worry, it always starts as confusing, but ends up at something much nicer :)

                HmcH / Joe Milan