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    Multi-camera, Nested Sequences strange export problem


      I am using many different videos and nested sequences. Everything is PERFECTLY working when i hit ENTER to render for PREVIEW and watch it in the premiere pro. But if i try to EXPORT it to a file ( format does not change anything, i tried nearly every export settings ), the problem occurs.


      Problem: Final video shows unwanted video and out of sync. (sync with other videos, not audio)


      For example: if i use video track named X and if i trimmed it to 10th second and used it in multi-camera mode, the final video shows that video as untrimmed and from the very beginning. I have never ever seen this when i preview it in premiere pro and everything is perfect in premiere pro.


      If i export it with ANY settings, the video that i have never put into the multi-camera view ( as i trimmed it ) shows in the video and the final video is totally something else!


      I am out of ideas, what can be the problem? Should i export every nested sequence and reimport them? If so, where is the advantage?! If i change a little frame in a multi-camera sequence, i have to export it and reimport it again and if i use it in another sequence i have to export and reimport many times, which is very meaningless...


      Please share your experiences.

      Thank you!