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    CS4 bug -  trouble with looping symbols


      I really really need help with this. I am in the middle of a job and although this has happened many times before this is happening with more regularity recently.



      When I simply select a symbol in CS4 and change the looping from 'loop' to 'single frame' or 'play once' it will sometimes change the symbols colour and give it a transparency (as if you have changed the alpha and tint of that symbol). I cannot get around this and if it happens and I haven't noticed it ruins that bit of animation and I have to delete it all.


      if I go into the symbol the colours are restored but as soon as I leave it again it reverts to some kind of neon translucent version.



      I am so desperate for help, it happens on other computers and with other files.


      This is always a totally unreliable programme it has given me such stress!