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    Sony PRS-350, Reader, ADE, PDF, EPUB, HELP


      Don't want to say how many hours I've spent trying to download two books from my local digital library to my new Sony PRS-350 e-reader.


      My setup:

      Windows XP Svc Pk 3, IE 8

      Sony PRS-350 e-reader, listed as a compatible device with my area's digital library

      Authorized my computer and device on both Adobe Digital Editions and Sony Reader sites

      I bought the Sony for borrowing from the library, rather than having to buy.


      Downloaded a PDF book from the digital library to ADE but was unable to send it to the e-reader

      Downloaded an EPUB book that is nowhere to be found on my PC and also not on ADE [and obviously not on the e-reader]


      When downloading/attempting to download, the Sony Reader window opens up telling me "this computer is not authorized to preview this book".

      I am not trying to buy a book from the Sony Store, only trying to download what I have borrowed from my library.


      I've sent emails to the local library which supports the digital library, but it is too early to expect to hear back from anyone and I also hope that someone here will have some thoughts based on the information I have provided. I must be missing a step but after reading the instructions on the e-reader and online [and some posts here], I am no closer to figuring out what I am doing wrong.


      Thanks to all for any information. I am bleary-eyed and need to get away from the screen. Will definitely check back later.