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    Adobe Reader LE 1.5

    oI SwiiTcH Io

      Does anyone know where i can find a download for Adobe Reader LE 1.5?


      I tried to go on the adobe link by using the search tool, but i just get a broken link everytime which leads me to a japanese part of Adobe??


      When i use the search tool it takes me to this page: http://www.adobe.com/products/readerle.html?promoid=DJDXF

      Filled with unknown text, and a hyperlink, when you click on the hyperlink it takes you to a page filled with japanese writing.


      Can anyone help me find a download from Adobe for Adobe Reader LE 1.5?


      I know 2.5 is already out, but it isn't compatible with my hardware and need version 1.5


      Thanks in advance.