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    Adding Still Images to movie


      Hi All


      I have run into a wierd problem, I am running Premier Pro CS5, all is going well, except I have some video that I want to add still images to the squence on the 2nd track, when I import the stills to my bin, all the files are imported and I can see each filename, but when I click on each image file, or drag the file to the squence, they all show up as the first image in the bin, the filename matches the file I drag in but the images that shows up is still the first image, It's as if I've created the same image with all different filenames. But in my original folder on my drive all images are there with thier own names.


      Any ideas what is happening here,


      I am on a PC, i5 proceassor, 4 gig ram and win 7


      Cheers Mike