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    Help fails to launch in Adobe Reader X

    ajamdeman Level 1

      I've installed Adobe Reader X on an Windows XP SP3 PC. When I press <F1> or choose in the menu Help F1, help doesn't start but a error box pops up:



      I'll try to translate it: "The content off the online help can not been shown. Check if you can start the web browser or if you have authorization te the internet".



      All the other help have not this issue. When I click for help | Online support ... the web browser will start and show the webpage.


      This problem occurs on our “closed” PC and also on an Windows 7 PC. When I run it on an stand-alone PC with Internet connection it works perfectly.


      By the way, the protected mode is disabled.


      Who can help me?

      With kind regards,


      Johan de Man