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    FLEX HTTP Services and Localhost Cookies issue


      Hey all,


      I'm having an issue when dealing with FLEX HTTP Services and connecting to remote site that requires cookie authentication.


      From the local FLEX Builder IDE, I log into the webserver which then returns to me a session ID, this information is not yet stored in any local browser cookie. However, one of the HTTP Request pages that is being hosted by the server requires that a valid session id exists within the HTTP Requests cookie header. I have tried using a CookieUtil to write to the document.cookie object, however that is always in context of the localhost. From my observations, FLEX will only send out cookie information to a remote site for cookies thats are part of that domain (for obvious security reasons), so even if I store the session id in my localhost cookie it never gets sent out.


      So this is where I'm stuck, because of this the server never authenticates the session ID since it's never successfully passed into the HTTP Request. I'm also not allowed to add the cookie to the header due to the FLASH security restriction.


      Does anybody have any idea on how to possibly work around this? Or am I stuck "debugging" on a website hosted on the server through alert statements and log title windows...


      Any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm using FLEX 3.1 SDK and this is not an Adobe AIR application.