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    PRE 9 & 7 Serious Error

    FRED831 Level 1


      Before I removed  PRE7 from my Laptop it was working great then I opened it the other day to find once I had open it and it asked for a Project name I found that the loading had taken place and I got a blank screen after a short while I had the following message on screen -" Sorry a serious Error has occurred and requires Abode Premiere Elements to shut down. We will attempt to save you current project" I have since tried PRE 9 and I have the same error message, I have reload the Abode Quick Time for both 7&9 PRE and the same result. One thing I'm about to do is try loading both disks for PRE9  when I have removed both PRE 7&9 from my laptop - Also I am unable to find an email address to Abode service advice. and help would be most helpful I'm pulling my hair out and its not a cheap program either..