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    Running another Flex app in iFrame?


      We developed a control in Flex 4.0 (using Spark components). We do not want to convert it to older version of Flex because it's pretty complex.


      Now, if LiveCycle has really been "stuck" with Flex 3.4.1 (or is it?), we are considering to display it in iFrame (the same iFrame that LC uses to display PDF with AdobeReader plugin). We would like to push XMLs between LC and the control.


      This way we could use the control with Flex 3.4.1., and someday when LC runs on Flex 4.0 we could implement SwfConnector and use the control 'the native way'.




      1) Is it possible?

      2) Is there any API for manipulating the LC iFrame?


      Thanks in advance


      Danko Kozar