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    Retrieving Photoshop Album Starter Edition catalog


      I am unable to retrieve photos from my Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition. Asked for an unlock code, but never got one via email. Called Adobe. They said this forum was the only way I could solve the problem. Huh? Anyone out there been through this? I can't access five years worth of photographs.

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          If you download and install Photoshop Elements and use the Organizer, it will automatically import the Starter Edition catalog. The files that are part of the catalog are on your hard drive, probably in your My Pictures folder, and you should be able to access them without using either Starter Edition or Elements, but the Elements  option is the best way to resume using your Starter Edition catalog.



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            Download Photoshop Elements 9.   Open the program and when the sky blue coloured panel appears, click on 'ORGANISE'.

            This will open your new photo catalogue (all in black and grey).  Click on 'FIND' at the top left corner, and then click on 'BY HISTORY' and then click on 'IMPORTED ON'.  This should open your entire list of pics that you have on Album Starter 3.2 and on hard disc and CD.

            Click on the ones you want to retrieve and then copy them to disc or hardrive in a new file.  You should also see the images in the new catalogue on the screen.

            I have been trying for months to get to my photos and this seems to do the trick.  Good luck!