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    How can i manually install the swz files in the assetcache!


      I have a computer that has no internet connection, and since i use components from SDK 4.1 and want to run my application anywhere,

      i need to do a "manual update of flash" and have it register the external swz files.


      If this is not possible, then maybe it could be possible to have all components compiled into one, and only one, swf file, so i can copy that file

      to the "offline" pc.


      I really believed, that the "merge into code" actually compiled everything into the code, but i must have misunderstood.


      I have tried to "reset" the swc components, so they do not use the download url, from adobe, but it makes no difference, and i have edited the flex-config.xml file in the SDK's framework folder, but no luck so far.


      Any hints are welcome,